About New Tsingyi Pte Ltd

New Tsingyi Pte Ltd takes pride in its recycling efforts to keep Singapore clean. Processing thousands of tonnes of scrap materials every year, our commitment to preserving Mother Nature remains resolute.

A business transaction with New Tsingyi Pte Ltd is an enjoyable process. We reach out to all forms of suppliers; walk-ins, recycling centres and other scrapyards, etc. and customers; exporters, end users and overseas markets.

With our professionally certified scales and weighbridge, we maintain fairness in our dealings. Prices are transparent and reflected clearly before confirmation. Payments are always on-time and hassle free. In essence, we are responsible, friendly and efficient.

In line with our scrap metal “buy and sell” concepts, we are now fully capable in helping our clients in their dismantling, demolition and destruction needs. This extension of services makes New Tsingyi Pte Ltd a true provider of full suite solutions.

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